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Lightweight PS/2-USB LCD Console


HDMI Extender with IR Control


eco PDU Power Distribution Unit

Wireless Switches

ATEN Wireless Switches convert wired signals into Bluetooth or wireless connections to allow for easy sharing between a computer and mobile devices. The wireless switches make life easier by giving mobile devices desktop features....more

Cable KVM Switches

With built-in custom KVM cables, the Cable KVM Switches feature a 50% smaller desktop footprint than traditional compact KVM switches, resulting in a neat and tidy workspace and trouble-free installation...more

Desktop KVM Switches

With their unique design and innovative features, ATEN Desktop KVM Switches provide both ergonomic style and advanced functionality for the SOHO desktop environment...more

Multi-View KVM Switches

Multi-View KVM Switches improve operational efficiency by simultaneously displaying multiple digital computer/video sources on a single screen; or multiplying one input source so that it shows across several displays....more

Secure KVM Switch

ATEN Secure KVM Switch offers secure and reliable access for any government/military desktop environment where security is imperative by providing safe switching between computers operating on different secure networks. ...more

Rack KVM Switches

ATEN Rack KVM switches allow you to control multiple servers from a single console – saving your cost, time, space and energy. They support multiplatform servers via optional custom cables...more

LCD KVM Switches

ATEN LCD KVM switches offer a space-saving, streamlined approach to KVM switch technology by integrating an LCD panel, full keyboard, and touchpad in a 1U single rail housing...more

KVM over IP Switches

The ATEN IP-Based KVM solutions allow operators to monitor and access multiple servers remotely from just about anywhere in the world. Use of the TCP/IP protocol makes them accessible from any computer on the LAN, WAN, or Internet...more

Cat 5 KVM Switches

ATEN Cat 5 KVM Switches allow you flexibility in the number of buses and users they support and the number of KVM ports they provide. From the high density range for SMBs to the Matrix switches for corporate server rooms...more

Computer Sharing Devices

ATEN Computer Sharing Devices is a multi-user, single-tasking device that enables two users to share the programs, files, and resources of a single computer from two separate consoles (monitor, keyboard, and mouse)...more

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