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Lightweight PS/2-USB LCD Console


HDMI Extender with IR Control


eco PDU Power Distribution Unit

KVM Switches


KVM switches allow you to control multiple computers from a single console (keyboard, monitor, and mouse). The key benefits of using a KVM switch are: 1) saving money on redundant hardware; 2) consolidating desk space; and 3) increasing performance by having multiple computers working as one. As the leading KVM switch solutions provider, ATEN offers a host of interfaces and functions to meet your individual needs. Whether at home, in the office, or in the server room, a KVM switch, allows you to access any computer on your installation from a single console anytime you want to...more

KVM Switches

Professional Audio/Video

Whether at home or in the office, you can stay connected with the ATEN range of video products. From switches and splitters to extenders and converters, the ATEN range of video products provides you with a multitude of flexible, integrated solutions for all video-related applications ...more

KVM Switches

Energy Intelligence Rack PDU

ATEN Green Energy Solutions provide you with a real time Rack Cooling Index® and dynamic power analysis to protect IT equipment from excess heat or insufficient power capacity. The Green Energy Solution is able to grasp the power consumption information of a data center within a specific period or a certain department's power usage status, and by connecting a hygrograph, it can also provide the environment's temperature and humidity data....more

KVM Switches

Mobility & USB

ATEN offers a range of USB connectivity solutions to suit a wide variety of users and their applications. Our USB 2.0 products give you the freedom to connect high-speed devices like external storage drives, DVDs, digital cameras, scanners and more. IEEE 1394, known as FireWire to Apple users and iLink on Sony PCs and most DV cams, opens up a whole new world of applications. It enables you to connect hundreds of 1394-enabled devices like home entertainment and video equipment, external HDD, desktop cameras, digital music players and game platforms...more

KVM Switches


ATEN is known throughout the industry for providing efficient, stable, user-friendly KVM solutions. ATEN also provides patented KVM cables that offer higher quality signal integrity features than the ordinary cables commonly found on the market...more

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