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Method and Apparatus for Recording and Playback of Computer KVM Session Video Image Data

Video image recording is widely used in a great number of practical applications. In many cases, the changes occur only in small or scattered areas, and the video images either change slowly; remain unchanged for a period of time, or leave large portions of the image unchanged. One prominent example is the recording and playback of a computer KVM session in which the video or graphics output of a computer is streamed to a user's monitor...

How Virtual Server Environments Benefit from KVM Solutions

Virtualization is being adopted at increasing rates. That cannot be denied. But the implications of this fact are more nuanced and complicated than some may have you believe. The evolution of technology is gradual, and the support of multi-generational technologies is a long-term reality for IT managers. Practical hardware that supports these mixed environments, like KVM with built-in management software, is an enduring necessity ...

Taking KVM Switches Beyond the Data Center

Over the years, new applications that extend beyond KVM's original purpose within the data center have emerged. Organizations have applied KVM technology to a variety of non-data center scenarios, including kiosk management, surveillance, industrial computer control, and digital media/graphics environments ...

Digital KVM Switches Are Quite Popular – Analog KVM Switches Still Deserve Respec

KVM (Keyboard-Video monitor-Mouse) switches are an essential technology in modern data centers. These switches have been used for almost two decades to access multiple computers from one or more consoles, saving a great deal of space and power as contrasted to using individual monitors, keyboards and mice for each computer ...

Advanced Deskew Technology For Sharper Video in Extenders and Switches

Analog video (such as VGA and its higher resolution versions like XGA, UXGA and so forth) generally presents a high quality image to the user who sits in front of a computer workstation or server that's directly connected to the computer by short cables (typically 1 to 2 meters / 3 to 6 feet). In this context, the video quality is limited only by the quality of the computer's video card and of the monitor itself  ...

Video DynaSync™ – A Key Technology for Switched Sharing of Modern Monitors

Patent-pending ATEN technology relies upon EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) to facilitate a video resolution "handshake" between the monitor and the computer graphics card output even when the monitor and computer are isolated from one another by a KVM switch or extender. ATEN calls this technology Video DynaSync™ ...

Reclaiming Data Center Real Estate Using KVM and Remote Management Technologies

Many large companies do not realize the great pains that network administrators go through to maximize real estate in an enterprise-class data center. Space is costly and network administrators continually rely upon devices that help them do more with less. One such tool to aid in this effort is the KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch that enables IT pros to easily and effectively manage servers and other network devices - within the data center or from remote locations ...

Remote Management and the Information Infrastructure

The consolidation of various data center devices and servers running on multiple platforms provides network administrators with a more effi cient information infrastructure. After all, the less moving parts involved improves overall effi ciency and reliability. Using an end-to-end framework, organizations of all sizes can implement a centralized console to manage the data center infrastructure combining enterprise reliability and remote connectivity while reducing costs - all without compromising application and technology service levels ...

The Multiple of Multi-Platform KVM Technologies

Every time a network administrator turns around there are new standards, protocols and platforms to support in the data center - TCP/IP, Telnet, SSH, SSL, PPP, Solaris, USB, MacOS, Linux and Windows 2003 servers ??and the list goes on and on. Each of these offers their share of flexibility, standardization, compatibility and convenience. But they also pose challenges. In some cases, this creates "silos" of information and limits access from other applications on different platforms. Data center infrastructure needs to be centrally managed ...

Why Network Administrators Should Explorethe "V" in K-V-M Switches

Computer video signals have continued to evolve over the last several decades during which an enterprise reference to the "computer" shifted from mostly mainframe and larger "minicomputers" to the distributed client-server model that prevails today. In parallel, the TV has come a long way from the small black and white consoles of the 50s to color to large screen TVs and now HDTV LCD TVs ...

Taking Control:IP Devices Promise the Future of Data Center Control and Management

IT professionals have always wanted the flexibility of anytime, anywhere access to their servers, network devices, and applications. Whether problems caused by device failures, denial of service attacks, cyber intrusions and malware, or natural disasters, data centers are constantly at risk. This need for secure remote management has risen to the forefront as a top priority on the "To Do" list of network administrators. Until now, this was cost-prohibitive for all but the largest data centers. However, the affordability of IP remote management devices has enabled organizations of all sizes to benefit from secure over IP access across the room, throughout an office complex in a distributed computing environment or transcending global boundaries - all via an Internet connection and browser ...

USB and K-V-M switches The Rise of USB in the Data Center - The Implementation can Make the Difference

The past 12 years have seen the Universal Serial Bus (USB) grow from pipe dream into the de facto standard to power devices such as peripherals, portable memory devices, video game consoles, PDAs and portable media players. USB was originally designed to bring all serial and parallel ports on PCs to obsolescence since these were not standardized and required multiple device drivers to be continually developed and updated ...

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