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» Banking

CC2000, KN4132, SN0108, An Binh Bank (ABBANK), Vietnam

Currently ABBANK has one old and one new Data Centers installed in different locations. Administrators have to constantly move around within Data Centers to physically be present at each respective server. They also have to travel between Data Centers for maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. To eliminate these problems, ABBANK was searching for a unified solution which is able to provide remote management functionality for all of their servers and network devices...

KN4116/KH1516, China Life Insurance, Taiwan

Clark Lin, the manager of the System Engineering Department at Chinalife, said: "For every enterprise, a merger represents an opportunity for a revamp of corporate thinking so it takes a long time for everything to come together. The company's IT operations can't be suspended for a long time or have two separate systems running parallel to each other So, we were tasked with the challenge of setting up an all-new data center within one month ...

» Corporate

VM0404H, HyperNet Co., Ltd., Taiwan

HyperNet CO., LTD. is a broad-band application and conference center systems integration planning company. Since being established in 1994, HyperNet has focused on importing the newest technology products related to and specializing in conference systems setup and comprehensive multimedia integration. HyperNet has five service locations in Taiwan and China, providing customers with professional conference integration services ...

Media Matrix Solution, VE022, CS74E, Lion Travel, Taiwan

To create a stimulating office environment, Lion Travel installed a total of six TVs in public corridors on the fifth floor, and three TVs in the open conference area of the same floor – these TVs are used to broadcast scenic landscapes and tourism videos. Since the multimedia source devices are located in the server room on the sixth floor, the company needed a solution that can transmit various multimedia signals over long distances to a ...

VM0404H, VE800, Lion Travel, Taiwan

Lion Travel agency built the Lion Travel Group building in 2010 in response to the rapid growth of sales personnel and employees. Located at the first floor of the building is an open space coffee bar, which is used by employees to relax and receive guests; the coffee bar is also rented out occasionally for various activities. To meet the needs of these external activities, Lion Travel installed a modernized professional audio and video system, eliminating the trouble of renting or borrowing stereo equipment ...

» Education

ACS1216/ACS1216A/KH0116/CN6000/KL0116, California Institute of Technology, USA

Heralded as one of the most elite and distinguished research institutions in the country, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has produced some of the finest intellect in the world including 17 Nobel Prize-winning scientists in nearly every technical field. Some famous Caltech alumni include Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation, and Charles Francis Richter, creator of the Richter Magnitude Scale ...

» Government

KN2140v, KA7170, Changwon City Government, Korea

The Changwon City Government Data Center consists of various rack mounted multi-platform servers; and each server rack is installed with an 8/16 port KVM switch with LCD console. To increase overall work efficiency, the Changwon City Government needed a complete KVM over-IP solution with security to effectively achieve their data center management goals ...

KN4132, CC2000 Korea Electrical Safety Corporation(KESCO), Korea

KESCO is a Korean pubic company that provides safety advice about how to avoid disasters caused by electricity. By using ATEN's Over the NET™ solution, the company's IT staff can manage computers in the server room from any floor, which reduces troubleshooting time and increases work efficiency. The ATEN solution also allows KESCO to reduce 6 personnel to 2 personnel for managing up to 64 computers. KESCO indicated that compared to traditional analog KVM switches, ATEN KVM Over the NET™ provides more advantages, including convenient operation, increased work efficiency and reduced management costs ...

KM0932, Department of Land Administration, Taiwan

The Department of Land Administration(DOL) of the Ministry of the Interior has long been committed to providing the people of Taiwan with convenient, responsive and accessible e-services as part of the island's "e-government through government ICT infrastructure" strategy. In recent years, the DOL has been promoting initiatives such as blue homeland rights, national land planning, organizational reforms and high-technology operations to deliver more efficient land administration ...

CS1762/CS1744/CS82A, The Polish President Office, Poland

The Polish President Office supports all the actions undertaken by the Polish President. The office is in charged of the essential, organizational, legal and technical support for the President, the Head of the Office, Premiers and Vice Premiers. From the safety and the identity of Poland point of view this is one of the most important, key executives ...

» Healthcare

Media Distribution Solution - VS1508, VE200R
Medica Staff Promotion Co., Ltd. (MSP), Japan

Medica Staff Promotion Co., Ltd. (MSP) is a company in Niigata, Japan which provides a wide range of services to support medical facility management. MSP is carrying a program distribution system called "Medicom", which is created to broadcast medical health informational programs for patients to watch while in hospital waiting rooms. By replacing the existing A/V devices installed in the system with ATEN's VS1508 and VE200R, MSP successfully developed a time, space and cost saving system while attaining higher quality and service reliability ...

» Hospitality

Media Matrix Solution, Myst Club, Taiwan

Multiple displays are installed in Myst´s seating area around the main stage and adjacent lounge bar for screening club promotional messages, commercial advertisements and music videos, which enhance the club’s audiovisual effects and interior decoration. To simplify equipment operation, Myst also deployed an environmental control system to centrally control the switching and playing of all source devices. What Myst required is a solution that would deliver the A/V signals from the server room to the displays in the main stage seating area and lounge bar ...

» Manufacturing

KN2116A, Arrow Electronics, U.S.A.

Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. The company is constantly looking to increase capacity and reduce wastes in all of its computer manufacturing processes. After an exhaustive evaluation, Arrow decided to purchase and implement 22 KN2116A KVM Switches and 352 adapters (KA7170 and KA7120). The ability and time savings realized by the Panel Array Mode to provide status of all 16 units under testing was the factor that Arrow needed most ...

» Media

CC2000, KN4124v, KL1000, Japan Digital Serve Corporation, Japan 

Japan Digital Serve Corporation (JDS) was established in 2000 to support the digitization of cable TV. In recent years, they have been making a strong effort to provide advanced services for cable TV companies throughout Japan. In 2010, they initiated the “Cable Gate Service” to create and operate a mobile site. In 2011, JDS used cloud computing to offer an “Integrated Cloud Service”. By supporting cable TV companies in various aspects, JDS enriches the digital multimedia experience of service subscribers.....

KM0932, MY CARTOON TV Station, Taiwan

MY CARTOON KIDS TV is Taiwan´s first TV station to use the  “HD Tapeless ” operating method; a process that transmits all video content as a digital file through fiber–optic networks, in order to reduce the workload required to broadcast productions. The company needed a solution that could allow multiple administrators with different requirements–simultaneous access to equipment in order to perform specific functions such as; fiber–optic authorizations, incoming line distributions, broadcast scheduling and external data transmissions ...

KN4132, KL1100, CC2000, YangZhou Broadcasting Television Network CO., Ltd. (YZBTN), China

YZBTN's network coverage encompasses Yangzhou City, providing Internet access to over 50% of residents as well as broadband digital TV access to 98.5% of residents. The company adopted ATEN’s Over-IP data center solution to successfully reduce IT costs, save space and ensure efficient management of its continuous expanding infrastructure ...

CL5800, KN2116A, PN0108, Yuzu TV, Japan

Established in 2009, Yuzu TV is a local cable TV station in Saitama, Japan. Yuzu TV introduces FTTH (Fiber To The Home)which uses fiber-optic cable to provide TV, computer, internet and telephony services. With the high-quality communication and services of FTTH, Yuzu TV is able to provide low-cost, high quality, and convenient access of IT communication services to the local residents ...

KN4140v, CE250A, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS), Japan

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS Television) is one of the major TV stations in Japan. The company was founded in May of 1951 as Radio Tokyo. It was the first commercial broadcast station in Tokyo area. In 1955, the company's new building was constructed in Akasaka and television broadcasting had stated ...

KN2116, Iruma Cable Television, Japan

Iruma Cable Television Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 to provide information communication services. It is located in Iruma, Saitama-ken, with Iruma its major area of service. It also expanded its business to Mizuho-madi in Tama County, Tokyo-to, offering cable television, internet, and IP phone services, and is well received and supported by local residents ...

» Non-Profit Organizations

VS1504, VB552, VE200R, St Francis Church, Poland

There are more than 17,500 Roman Catholic churches in Poland. Religious buildings are commonly perceived to be wholly traditional but in terms of technology some churches are now leading the masses in a new way. Like St. Francis of Assisi Church in Zabierzow is seeking to outfit the church with advanced equipment that not only makes it easier for priests to perform their duties, but also better serves their parishioners ...

» Transportation

VS184, VS0108H, KWANG IN Co., Ltd., Korea

The Sin Bundang Line is an important route on the Korean capitals metro system, carrying a high volume of passengers daily. Since the metro stations cover a wide area, the content to be broadcast in each location is different; thus in order to lower the maintenance and troubleshooting frequency, the HDMI splitters needed to be high stability, high quality and high security products ...

» Technology

KL9116, Japan System Create, Japan

In the past, JSC simplified its server management by using a Rack KVM switch solution. The KVM switches were rack mounted to make for a neat and tidy server room environment. Since keyboards, monitors, and mice of the consoles connected to the KVM switches were also installed on the rach, however, there was a problem in that these console devices were taking up a lot of space.This was especially true for the monitors -- ,which were taking up approximately 1/4 of the entire rack space. Under these circumstances ...

» Telecommunications


CN6000/CS9134/VS82, China Mobile Telecommunication, China

The system displays the contents of 22 servers on 3 screens via 3 ceiling-mounted projectors installed inside the server room. Contents of each server can be displayed via any of the projectors at ordinary times. If it is needed to display the contents of all 22 servers on the 3 screens under the control of the tour escort when there are visitors, these servers can be operated normally by operators ...

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