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As the number of sophisticated A/V applications and the hardware to enjoy them with continues to grow, an increasing amount of home entertainment A/V equipment is making its way onto the residential market. Ever expanding numbers of audio/videophiles are turning a corner of their living rooms, or even dedicating an entire room, to creating a home–theater with large screen displays and loge–style seating. With all of the equipment deployed throughout the home, however, in order to ensure excellent audio–visual experience there is a need for a solution that allows the home users to easily and conveniently control all of their devices, and still maintain the high quality of the transmitted A/V signals.

ATEN offers a wide range of easy and affordable solutions to provide convenient control and high definition transmission to home theater systems.
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Home Theater I
In the ideal home theater configuration, users want their A/V source equipment installed in a dedicated space... more
Tailored Products: VS481A, VE810, VC880
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Home Theater II
In order to achieve a stunning visual experience, many home theater configurations use a projector... more
Tailored Products: VS482, VE800
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Home Theater III
In addition to the primary theater display area, many homes have additional displays at various locations... more
Tailored Products: VS482, VE810
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