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As a consequence of advances in IT usage, most equipment manufacturers have adopted modern, automated production technology to keep pace with the market demand. In addition to modern, automated, production lines, sophisticated manufacturing control systems have likewise been employed. Managing these systems efficiently and flexibly is essential to production results and reduced manufacturing costs. Quality control presents another critical challenge. To ensure the quality of the products being shipped, function testing is a key operation on the production line. Integrating test equipment and high efficiency management solutions to perform the various testing procedures can bring an enormous benefits to production management.
To meet the demands of a wide variety of production environments and increase production line efficiency, ATEN has developed a number of solutions that provide convenient, flexible, and efficient management of production control systems and quality testing operations.
Computing Device Manufacturer
To ensure the high quality of their products, computing device manufacturers must perform rigorous testing procedures... more
Tailored Products: KN2116A
Tablet PC Production Line
A manufacturer must test the HDMI output signal of each Tablet that comes down the production line for quality and reliability... more
Tailored Products: VS481A
Computer Testing
DVI is the most popular digital interface for superior video quality used in computers, Mac products and other laptop computers... more
Tailored Products: CS1768
LCD / TV Monitor Display Testing
To guarantee high quality products, display device manufacturers have to conduct rigorous quality control tests... more
Tailored Products: VS0108H
LCD Panel Manufacturer
Leading producers of LCD panels work with a multitude of manufacturing and module assembly plants around the world... more
Tailored Products: CN8000
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